Patients Rights

As a patient in Marigold Hospital and Critical Care Centre, you have rights which we uphold. These include Your right to;
  1. Considerate, respectful and compassionate care, regardless of your age, gender, race, religion, nationality, political views, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability.
  2. Attention when you request help with the understanding that other patients may have more urgent needs.
  3. Addressed by your proper name.
  4. Care provided in a safe setting.
  5. Care provided by concerned staff committed to pain prevention and management.
  6. To be told the names of the doctors, nurses and other health team members directly involved in your care.
  7. Information in terms you can understand about your diagnosis, treatment and expected result to be provided by your attending physician.
  8. Information on risks and benefits of treatment and alternative treatment where available.
  9. Information about pain and pain relief.
  10. Freedom from the use of restraints unless clinically indicated.
  11. Transparent billing and further explanation of your bill.
  12. Privacy at all times during your care.
  13. A clean healthcare environment.
  14. Be treated with respect always.
  15. To reasonable visitation by family and friends except in the critical care unit where visitation is limited.
  16. Decline care recommended by the doctor. However, in such a situation you must sign a form stating this and accepting responsibility for your decision.
  17. Decline or accept to participate in medical research.
  18. Complain and express dissatisfaction regarding services received.
  19. Quality care

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